Tutu Care Instructions

Tutu Care Instructions:

Adults, please help your child in and out of the tutu to decrease the chance of exposing the elastic by overstretching.  If this does occur, simply slide the tulle back into place evenly.  The best way to store your tutu is on a hanger to decrease the chance of wrinkling.  If it does wrinkle, hang it in your bathroom and run the shower on hot water.  The steam will help remove the wrinkles.  Before wearing the tutu, flip it upside down and fluff it out by gently raking your fingers through the tulle.  The bigger the tutu, the more raking required to poof out the tutu.  If it becomes dirty, spot clean the tutu with cool water.  Never dry the tutu in the dryer.     

Some tutus are made with extra embellishments that could pose a choking hazard to small children.  We recommend tutus be worn under the supervision of an adult.  We are not responsible for any incidents that occur if you order a tutu with extra embellishments.

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